Sunflower Cleaning - Too Many Applicants, Too Many Interviews YAY!

Sunflower Cleaning Service is located in Turlock. It is dedicated to providing great cleaning services to all clients across Turlock. She dreamed of a company that would take away people's stress by simply providing a clean and fresh home that her clients would love after a long day at work. She knew that she could not do it by herself and she would need reliable and well-experienced cleaners for her company.

Without so much experience in the hiring process, she has struggled in getting the right people that she wanted for her company. She looked for a solution to her hiring struggles and she just found the perfect solution. She found us!

Paulina the owner of Sunflower Cleaning Service is so happy that she is getting a lot of applicants in just a few weeks with the program. She was giving interviews every hour for weeks which she was totally happy about. Although she could not hire them all, she was grateful to be able to make friends with these people who are equally qualified and have planned to hire them in the future when her business expands.

Process: Paulina started to use the hiring automation that we set up for her. She did not have to do anything, but the applications keep coming in.

We have everything set up for her. From a simplified messaging system, funnels, interview forms, and questionnaires booking interview schedules, job posting, and reducing her ad spend. All these, in just one program.

Result: Paulina said " I was blessed I got so many applicants that I was giving interviews every hour for weeks which is amazing. It is just so amazing that I was able to get these applicants so easy and they are all qualified and that makes me so happy."

Her calendar is full of interview schedules and finally was able to reach the number of workers she was just aiming for a few months ago!

Never Worry About Quality Workers Or Hiring Again, Let My Team Do It All For You!

We will generate the applicants, screen, interview, AND onboard them all for ONLY $750 month + ad spend, no contracts!

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