Your Stress-Free Way to

Growing Your Team Fast

Our clients have gotten interviews as soon as 1 hour after their ads are live, and onboard their first worker as soon as 2 days. Are you next?

Your Stress-Free Way to

Growing Your Team Fast

Our clients have gotten interviews as soon as 1 hour after their ads are live, and onboard their first worker as soon as 2 days. Are you next?

“Krystal had decreased our indeed ad costs by over half of what we were spending before with 10x more qualified candidates - Kirsten R.

Our Signature Framework has

7 Layers of Candidate Filtration Built In

Mission - Values - Faq - Qualifications - Deal Breakers - Confidence - Offer- Follow Through

You ONLY do the interviews, that's it!

You ONLY do the interviews, that's it!

Are you ready to have a fully automated recruitment system tailored to what you value in a candidate?

“Takes the stress out of me finding cleaners, with such an easy automated process. I have brought on some of my best workers with this process. ”

Anthony Q. - Instatidy


Traffic Boost to Your Job Post

Up to 3 Newly Optimized Job Posts

Optimized Indeed Account

Hiring Ads With Best Converting Content

Indeed Ads With the Lowest Cost Per Click

City Research to Yield the Most Applicants

Reduced Labor With Automated Apply Processes

Repost Your Jobs Manually Each Month or Enjoy Us Doing It For You

Complete Hiring System

Done-for-you application with conditional logic

Pre-recorded universal recruitment videos

Built-in Interview Calendar

Spanish Translation Available

2 Way SMS & Outbound Caller

Prerecorded Job Offer Voicemail Drops

All qualified, not qualified, job offer emails

Document Reminder Automation & More!

Orientation Builder & Templates Included

Universal Canva PowerPoint templates with all the guide prompt to help you nail your orientation

Pair it with our built-in course builder you can have a whole series of training for your team.

A Day In Your New Life With A

Easy Stress-Free & Automated Hiring Process

Applicants pouring in your funnel without any work automatically being screened and scheduled on your calendar.

Step 1

Show Up to Your Interviews

Check your schedule online or in our mobile app and call the candidate at the time in your calendar.

Step 2

Complete an Interview Summary Form

Enjoy prewritten Interview Questions built to see confidence level, personality, and scenario reactions.

Step 3

Sit Back & Relax

Enjoy all the automation triggers, voicemail drops, etc to send accept or decline workflows to the candidate you just interviewed.


Hiring Automation Services

I literally just call my contractor at the time the calendar tells me and make sure their someone who fits working with us and that's it! It's amazing how efficient it is!


Adalyn Home Cleaning

Most People Fail to Get & Convert Applicant Traffic Because of Unoptimized Ads & Processes That Follow That Ad

Landing pages, benefits, videos, response times, time to interview, interview method & much more all play a HUGE Role!

Customized Recruitment Funnels

Instant Access After Purchase

7 Layers of Candidate Filters Built In

Universal Recruitment Videos

Proven Funnel Templates That Attract, and Convert Quality Candidates

Business Licensing/ Certification Funnels Available

Easy Custom Hiring Pipeline

Automated Candidate Filtering

Automated Hiring Pipeline That Advances By Itself

Automated Voicemail Drops, Outbound Caller, SMS

Keep Track Of Notes On Applicant Contact

Advanced Application Creation

Top Rated Application Questions For Your Model Type

Includes Pre-set Application Logic

Full Editing Access To All Application Questions

Change the Logic With a SingleClick

Automatically Filters Candidates

Done for You Email, SMS copy

Employment Decision Automation

All You Do Are The Interviews and Complete the Interview Summary Form After

Interview Questions Provided

Includes all Decision Automation

Accept or Decline Job Offer & Response Detection

Automated Voicemail Drops, SMS, Emails

Surveys For Applicants Who Decline the Job Offer

Managed Traffic to Job Posts

Indeed Account Fixed & Optimized

Up to 3 Job Posts Created

City Research for Best Results

First Indeed Ad Set Created

Save with D.I.Y Repost or Enjoy Us Reposting For You

Plus Plan Gets to Enjoy Weekly Indeed Ad Optimization

Plus Plan Gets to Application Flow Monitoring

Plus Plan Gets Lowest Cost Per Click (Best Results)

Orientation Course Builder

Build As Many Training Courses For Your Team

Track Orientation Progress

Start From Scratch or Use Some Of Our Templates

Employee Orientation Powerpoint

Contractor Orientation Powerpoint

5 Day Training Template Worksheets

1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Month Review Templates

Pre-recorded Contractor Orientation Videos (Cleaning Industry Specific)

Customers Love Us!

Here's why:

I got my first 2 workers out of the first 3 job offers I sent and have 20+ interviews left on the schedule! OMG!

This worked so fast to get me, my workers! I will always use Krystal's platform. I love that I have the orientation and can't wait for the sales pipelines.

Such as easy process, Krystal has helped me the whole way!

Sheila Capers

CEO at Spotless4u

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Hiring Expert

About the Owner

Hi, I’m Krystal Bella

I'm a former military police officer, a mother of 3, and an entrepreneur. I personally LOVE TECH and automating anything and everything!

I grew up around cleaning companies. I opened my own cleaning business with employees, workers comp, company cars and closed sales over 10 grand for just one job.

I sold my cleaning company and started a cleaning referral agency with contractors.

For about 9 months I volunteered to study contractor laws in-depth, held workshops to help educate compliance with contractors in the cleaning space.

With all my family's cleaning businesses needing workers, that's how our services were developed.

Since then we have helped SOO business owners transform their hiring we have clients all throughout the US, Canada, Ireland, and more.

Just last month we had over 120 esign onboarding packets signed by applicants, are you going to be next?

Outsource & Automate 90% of Your Hiring!

Stop guessing and get a proven fail-proof system.

Get Quality Interviews as soon as 1 hour of going live!

The average time to convert them and get them onboard is within 2 days of the interviews. All happening automatically with natural waits in between to make them seem you had to think about it.

"Natural waits, and not telling them they got the job or you want them during the interview are such crucial components! " - Krystal


Does this Include Paying for Ad Traffic

That would be awesome . . but no you are responsible for having an ad budget in addition to our services. We will optimize and manage your job ads and recommend you have an ad budget of min $100-$300 while you're actively hiring.

Does it include BG Screening?

This would be done after the job offer and is not in our scope of services.

Can I create unlimited trainings inside?

Yes! Some plans come with orientation templates, some have prerecorded orientation videos, 5-day training templates, and much more depending on your model type.

You can create as many training for your team inside example: sales training, recurring cleaning training, and more!

Which ad platforms do you use?

All of our job ad optimization and results are all from indeed and Facebook. We do not offer other platforms at this time.

How long does it take to setup?

Depends on how long it takes you to activate your account. Once you signup, simply click activate account and follow the steps. After you invite us to indeed your ads will be up in running within 1-5 business days depending on how bad your settings are on your indeed account.

What is the difference of traffic with the ad budget?

The difference is how fast the interviews come in. Every city, industry state/ province is different.

If you are serious about getting workers we recommend starting with a $300 ad budget. You can always modify this after you've filled your positions.

Are their any contracts?

No, we like to earn your business. You can cancel anytime however most clients still keep us even when they are fully staffed and just turn their budget down to $0 to keep their pages, orientations, live and most have other uses within our software such as optional sales pipelines, etc.

Whats the average time to get my first hire?

With a good ad budget, you can get your first few workers within 7 days of being live . "After the setup call."

How does the Job Ad Billing work?

We do not charge your ad budget. That will be billed directly through the ad platform, we simply manage it and stay within your budget.

Can I do double interviews?

Yes we support all types of interviews.

What Are You Waiting For? You Have Nothing To Loose Except Bad Workers!

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