Dynamic Maids - Hired 4 Employees Within 3 Months!

Just like any other business, Dynamic Maids was greatly affected by the pandemic. The CEO Rhonda thinks it was going to be a struggle, if not, impossible to hire people at the height of the pandemic. She even blamed the government’s program and economy for her poor results.

She also had to turn down new clients because of a lack of cleaners. And then she finally had it, she decided that she needs to grow and she wanted to grow! And there she found us, KB Recruiting. All she did was talk to us and we showed her how our services work. And with no second thought, she immediately hired our team to do the magic for her!

Process: Rhonda, the CEO of Dynamic Maids was in a struggle getting people for her cleaning business. She found us and approached KB Recruiting and told us where she’s currently at in terms of hiring. She was so invested in her process that she didn’t realize was not working. After we spoke and discussed our Hiring Automation service, she gave us her full trust and we started taking over. We started from where we would always do, we simplified everything and made it easier for her. We took over messaging, job posting, and scheduling interviews. All she got to do was to sit and wait for applications to come in and conduct the interviews.

Result: After so many months of trying to get the right people, she finally found the solution to her problem. Rhoda said “ Krystal has some sort of magic going on with her program for real. I had the first applicant in just an hour of being live and got 100 applicants in 2 weeks. I had so many that I couldn't keep up.”

Now she has 4 employees in just 3 months! Her small cleaning business is now starting to take off and she is so excited to expand and get more people with the help of KB Recruiting!

Never Worry About Quality Workers Or Hiring Again, Let My Team Do It All For You!

We will generate the applicants, screen, interview, AND onboard them all for ONLY $750 month + ad spend, no contracts!

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